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Fur Momma


I am very open and honest about my fertility issues.  Dave and I tried to get pregnant for five years. We went to all of the best specialists, endured all of the testing and were unsuccessful in conceiving a child of our own.  I am an overachiever and failing at the one thing that a woman should be able to do (give birth to a child) has really been a tough battle for me emotionally.  I continue to struggle with depression because of it.  I get invited to baby showers and I always send a gift but I never attend. It’s too painful for me.   At my lowest point, a year ago, my hubby aka #superdave aka my best friend and the only man that I have ever truly loved surprised me with a little brown toy poodle.  


The story of Louie is kind of funny.  Dave gave me an LV bag and I instantly said this is a fake where is the damn box?  He told me to be quiet and unzip the bag.  I did and the second love of my life popped his little head out with his gorgeous hazel eyes and my life instantly became better! I am definitely the crazy fur Momma walking around town with Louie in a puppy bjorn.  Why not, you can do it with your human child why can’t I with my canine baby?  Louie has a car seat, goes to work with me every day and has truly saved my life.  Whenever it’s stressful at my office Louie cheers everyone up.  When I have to tell a client that they owe a lot of money to the IRS, I place Louie in their lap along with a glass of wine and all is good in the world.  So the next time you see me in town pushing Louie in a stroller instead of judging me come over and meet my fur baby because he is pretty damn awesome.  My husband and I hope to adopt a human sibling for Louie one day.




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