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House Rules


Whenever my nephews bring friends over to our house they always tell their friends the following “my auntie is a little OCD cray cray so take off your shoes at the front door and place them in the bin neatly”.  Guilty as charged!  I like to run a clean and well organized home at all times.  I would not be able to function if my house was in disarray and quite frankly I don’t know how some of you guys do. #constructiveshade

See below for my top five House Rules:


  1. ALWAYS keep the common areas neat and tidy.  Common areas are anywhere that guests will see. This includes bathrooms, the living room and the kitchen.  If folks are gonna see it keep it clean.
  2. Make everyone take off their shoes before coming into your house.  People have such nasty crap on their shoes and you really don’t want them tracking that stuff in your home.  If they roll their eyes, tell them that you can chat with them on your front porch, lol. You will notice that your floors stay cleaner longer and you aren’t having to have your carpets or rugs cleaned as often either. Make sure that you have a bin for their shoes and slippers for use in doors should they ask.
  3. Stop leaving mail, magazines, school work, and whatever else you leave on the kitchen table and counter there.  I have a saying in my office – every file has a home.  The same applies at your house. No one wants to see all of your homeless files, magazines and other crap.  If you can’t find a home for it throw it away!
  4. If you can do it, change your bedsheets every three days.  If I had the time or Oprah money I would have a clean pair of sheets put on my bed eeeryday!  There is NO better feeling than getting into a bed with fresh sheets!
  5. You should always have fresh flowers in your home.  They help make a house a home.  I actually have a flower service deliver flowers weekly and I enjoy arranging them and placing them in various rooms in my house on separate day aka Sunday.



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