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Kettlebell boo!


Get up and get moving folks! I must admit that I used to be the type of person who would routinely roll my eyes at people who raved about working out. I was like forget that crap, I’ll just cut off my circulation daily by wearing 15 pairs of SPANX to achieve my goal weight. Well, as you all know I recently was invited to compete on a national television show and the fear of HD cameras and the extra 15 pounds that tv puts on ya scared me into trying to workout. I always believe in supporting local businesses especially ones owned by my clients so I decided to give Delaine Ross a call. She agreed to come to my house three days a week to train me to use the kettlebell workout to get into shape.

The first day I hated her. I have a busy schedule like many of you so I had to start at like 6 AM and I am NOT a morning person. The workout was actually fun and Delaine has great energy and is so nice but again I am not one of those people who like to work out. The second day I felt a little bit better. I started being able to master the moves and with Delaine’s encouragement I began to think I may be able to keep this up. By the time day three rolled around I hated her again. My arms and legs hurt so much and I tried to cancel. I got it together and completed my third workout. After that, it became my new normal. I still hate waking up that early with a passion but that is the ONLY hard part. My husband isn’t traveling for business as much now so we work out together which makes it a lot of fun because we are very competitive. I am proud that I a now working out with a 55 pound kettlebell.

I have been training with Delaine for a little over six months now. I like the way that my body looks, I have more energy, I can actually sleep more than four hours a night, and it’s helped with my ongoing battle with depression. Trust me guys, I am ALWAYS brutally honest and I wouldn’t tell you some bull. Working out has truly changed my life. You will never hear of me becoming a gym rat that isn’t my thang. I am #eXtra and am lucky to be able to afford to work out in the comfort of my own home but you can figure out a way to make this work for you also. And if you live in the Atlanta area look up my #girlboss #mediumbusiness owning fabulous #trainer Delaine Ross You will LOVE her! She has the best energy and it is a great way to start your day! I have MWF at 6AM so you can have her other available slots, lol!

JBB Disclaimer – My blog is like my online diary. My grammar will be awful, spelling even worse, and I will definitely use a lot of slang and colloquial language. It’s my thing, it’s how I communicate, it’s infotainment (aint no body trying to just hear someone preach to them without having any damn personality) and it is well thought out so save the emails on my use of the English language because I am #justbeingbuffie.


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