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Liquid Diabetes


So, my JBB Blog will sometimes be a formal traditional blog, one word, an image, a video, an audiofile, whatever I want because it’s my blog and I’m #eXtra.  Yes, I speak using hashtags, lol. My grammar, punctuation and spelling will be awful so save the comments boo – I know.  Get ready for run on sentences and my occasional speaking in tongues if I am heated about an issue.

This morning I was craving fruit punch and I decided that I needed to read the label on the back.  Chile (as in child – the d is silent, remember I talk funny sometimes), that stuff is basically liquid diabetes aka House Party Kool-Aid with three pounds of sugar.  My sister Courtney raves about Crystal Light but I never really liked the taste. So, I decided to buy the lemonade and fruit punch flavors and mixed them together. And voila – that stuff tastes better than that sugary fruit punch and dare I say it better than House Party Kool-Aid! With 5 calories per serving and zero sugar it’s my new drink of choice when I am sick of water and wine. Also, if you want to make a quick and refreshing simple cocktail add some Tito’s Vodka it’s delish!  And yes, I know about aspartame but I’m trying to crawl my way to a healthy life, boo.  Gotta take baby steps! 



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