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Love the Body You Were Born With

Beautiful people come in all shapes and sizes. It seems like the standard of beauty changes weekly. One new model with a crooked nose or a gap in her teeth becomes all the rage and the teenager who thought her face was hideous all of a sudden thinks she is beautiful. The truth is, she always WAS beautiful. We embrace whatever package we came in because beauty is internal. Like one of my favorite shirts in Buffie’s vast wardrobe says, “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.”

It’s not about a number on a scale or a size in a dress. It’s about being healthy and how we feel in the package in which we came into this world. Avoid the trap of comparison. What if the Beatles stopped playing because they didn’t sound like Frank Sinatra? Or Outkast didn’t put out their refreshing spin on hip hop because they didn’t sound like Biggie? Similarly, Rihanna will never have Beyonce’s curves and Beyonce will never have Arianna Grande’s streamlined physique.

A common misconception is that thick girls don’t exercise. This is simply not true. A thick girl doesn’t have to worry about exercising away her curves but through exercise can make her curves smoother, put herself in a better mood, feel better overall and generally be healthier.

When writing this article, I enlisted the help of my good friend and beautiful champion of fit thick girls everywhere, Kellee Nash.

Kellee says, “When it comes to being curvy and thick, I think it’s very important for women to keep in mind, your health is more important than a “look”. With the amount of curvy models and fitness models on social media, it can be very difficult for other women to understand exactly what it takes for a thick woman to maintain her overall health, and not just be concerned with the way their body looks. I have always been active, was a varsity cheerleader in high school and always stayed busy, but, of course, as I got older, my activity level begin to slow down. Once I started weight training with kettlebells in 2010 it showed me that even though I was a little bigger than others in the class, I was a lot stronger and better at it than those who appeared to be “skinny and healthy”. Even after my ankle injury in December 2012, I continued to lose weight, even though I was basically bedridden because I couldn’t even walk. My doctors had previously warned me that I would probably fall into a depression and gain weight during that time, but instead, it was the opposite. During my recovery, I learned that my body wasn’t a limitation at all, it was my mind that would tell me I couldn’t do things. Thick women are often stereotyped as being lazy and unmotivated, but for me, that was never the case. 7 years later, I am still exercising regularly, and my instructor here in Las Vegas considers me to be one of his best students, which I am proud of.

People often ask me for advice or suggestions on how to get a curvy body and I never really know what to say because I know what works for me. I workout 4 days a week. I meditate. I use the laws of attraction to attract good things in my life. I work with the body I have and love it no matter what size I am and what anyone else thinks about it. Somehow, society believes that thick women don’t have the right to love their bodies and live their lives, but I don’t agree with that. With the recent Body Positive movement on the rise, there are more role models out there to look up to, but at the end of the day, it really is up to the individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle both inside and out and that is what I focus on.”

A thick girl who exercises is not being untrue to herself and trying to change who she is. She is making a positive change for her mental and physical health and well being.

When Buffie and I started training together she had never worked out consistently in her life. At our first session she dramatically yelled when asked to do a 15 second plank (so much that her adorable doggy, Louie the Tax Pup did NOT like me back then because he thought I was hurting his mama!) Just a month in she was already up to 45 second planks and referring her clients and friends when they needed a boost in mental well being. She has curves – AND ABS. A combination that is amazingly beautiful.

Delaine Ross
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