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“The Night Cap” by Tiffane Nicol 1 of 5

Hellllllo Beautiful!!!! I’m Tiffan’e Nicol Atlanta based professional hairstylist, formal make up artist (still makeup artist when need to be), mommy, image consultant, beauty enhancer & God fearing & loving chick! ☺

10 years in the hair & beauty industry this is far most the number 1 question from my clients, “How do I sleep at night” in other words “How to survive throughout the night and wake up to this salon finish look”! Soooo, to make sure the ladies maintain the “living beautifully” lifestyle & attitude I’ve decided to create a series of maintaining your salon look “The Night Cap”.

From long hair to short hair, extensions to natural wraps… The Night Cap series is designed to save your flawless look with simple and easy morning steps to take on your day beautifully.

1st up:

How to maintain your salon curls with Long hair extensions! (Perfect for women that prefer a little eXtra as Buffie Purselle would say!)

Items Needs:
1″ Flex Robs
Wide Tooth Comb
Double Prong Clips
Hair bonnet
Pigtail Comb

Step 1: Detangle curls with wide tooth comb
Step 2: Grab a medium size section, wrap hair around Flex Rob following the hair direction and starting with the bottle of the curls rolling up to the root. Continue throughout the head. For more curls, divide hair into two rolls of curls. Notice the position of my flex rods, be conscious of where you position your Rods for sleeping comfort.
Step 3: Use pigtail Comb to smooth shorter lengths and use double prong clips to pin curl the shorter layers.
Step 4: Apply hair Bonnet and sleep beautifully on a silk/satin pillow case for extra security.

The next morning you simply unroll and finger comb your curls.

I hope this video was helpful!!!! For more hair care tips visit TiffaneNicol

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