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I recently posted a meme about the colloquial term ” being thirsty”.  Being thirsty means that you are too eager to get something or that you are an opportunist.  I have always corrected folks when they used this term in a derogatory manner in my presence.  I mean, what’s wrong with being ambitious? I posted a meme and said that I trust thirsty people because ambition is natural. The folks that I don’t trust are the well hydrated. After posting the meme, I received a lot of DMs from people who actually told me that they stopped trying to reach their goals or tried to hide the fact that they were ambitious because of the fear of being labeled “thirsty”. WTH?

I am here to say today, as someone whom others would probably label as well hydrated, that I am #thirstyAF in fact, I purposely trick myself into thinking that I am severely dehydrated every damn day so that I can work as hard as I did back when I wouldn’t be able to eat if I didn’t.  I think that the minute that you reach your financial or professional goals and start feeling yourself too much you will begin slacking off of your grind.  It’s true, trust me.  You have to grind like you are broke everyday no matter what your bank account says.  I saw an interview with Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith years ago.  Mr. Smith  said that he still woke up some nights worried that he couldn’t pay his bills.  I think that is awesome!  For some, that fear turns into drive and ambition aka thirst. It’s probably one of the many reasons that Mr. Smith is so successful.

I like to surround myself with #thirstyAF people because we are like minded.  We strategically place ourselves in situations to aid in reaching our goals.  Truly successful people do this everyday because we realize that time is our most valuable asset.  If you see me at an event it’s not because I like to go out,  (I am a homebody and proud of it and being home is free, lol) it’s because it’s some sort of exposure for my brand, a contractual obligation, or I am being compensated to be there. Wayment what?  You better wake up and smell the thirst! Yep, smart #thirstyAF people seem to be everywhere all of the time but nah, we are just where we are supposed to be and thanks for noticing that means our plan is working!

So, be proud to be #thirstyAF in fact, if someone tries you and uses that term with a negative connotation feel free to use the following #justbeingbuffie saying – “Yep, you are so right, I am so thirsty that I am probably dehydrated, but my question is – why aren’t you?  I mean, I didn’t see your name on the Forbes list this year, boo!”


Buffie Purselle

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