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Buffie Purselle has cultivated a unique brand persona that masterfully intersects expertise and relatability. With an established legacy on TV, dynamic social media presence, and thought-provoking authorship, Buffie has anchored herself firmly within the personal finance, business, and tax landscapes.

Weight Loss

Reclaim Control of your life, and unlock the vibrant, confident you that you've always wanted to be.


Our spectacles are jewelry for your eyes. Buffie curated the MrsMD® line so everyone can enjoy affordable, Crawl Before You Ball®-approved, spectacular eyewear. 


Embrace the “Buffie Glow” 

Step into a world where skincare meets the nurturing essence of nature. MrsMD® Skin blends the science of beauty with its soothing properties, curating a glow that's as pure as it is powerful. Revel in the Buffie Purselle radiance that speaks volumes of health, harmony, and holistic care. It's more than skincare—it's your new daily ritual for a luminous, dewy presence that turns heads and uplifts spirits.


Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Buffie Purselle

I am a serial entrepreneur. That basically means that I am an entrepreneur who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses. My family started their primary business to provide good jobs for people in our community and I am taking that to the next level by investing in a lot of new businesses and hiring talented and hard-working people to run them. Some of the businesses have been huge successes and some have been complete failures.