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I'm Buffie Purselle

You might know me as Auntie Buffie from social media or from my time on Bravo, but my journey encompasses so much more. With decades as a nationally recognized personal finance and tax expert, I've now channeled my passion for nurturing others into MrsMD, a venture dedicated to health and wellness. Here, we embrace the fullness of life—from financial savvy to physical vitality. Join me in this exciting new chapter where empowerment is holistic and style meets well-being.

Break the Cycle of Generational Poverty!

If your parents didn't have a good relationship with money and struggled with daily economic anxiety, it's likely that you will also.

This book deals with the "WHY"


Awesome products to help you feel great. 

Our product offerings include MrsMD Weight Loss - The Buffie Protocol for effective weight loss, stylish EyeWear, skincare products for radiant skin, delicious Nutrition options for weight management, and a beginner-friendly Fitness kettlebell set. MrsMD Brand is dedicated to improving your well-being, so join us on your journey to a healthier, better life.

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I learned the most valuable lessons from my failed business ventures. My advice: if you hate your job or are currently unemployed, take a leap of faith and HIRE yourself!

Buffie Purselle's approach to financial mental health will help you create healthy habits for your best financial future. Buffie helps readers separate all the voices telling them what they "should" do from what readers truly want and value in their lives..

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Welcome to Buffie Purselle's world – where health meets style and finance gets savvy. Discover your best self with tailored weight loss plans, nutritional guidance, chic eyewear, luxe skincare, and dynamic fitness solutions. Join the journey to wellness and wealth, curated by experience and passion.

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