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a trailblazer in finance and a trendsetter in business acumen, has seamlessly blended the worlds of fiscal responsibility and chic innovation.

20 years
of experience

With a career that spans over two decades culminating in an early retirement at 41, Buffie has carved out a niche as the stylish sage of personal finance, tax compliance, and small business management.

Before hanging up her hat as a multi-faceted financial professional,

Buffie was a licensed practitioner with an array of credentials that distinguish her expertise. She navigated the complexities of the IRS as a licensed tax practitioner, brokered security in futures with her licenses in Life and Health Insurance, and in Property and Casualty Insurance. As a licensed residential and commercial mortgage broker and a savvy real estate investor, Buffie’s portfolio of experience is as diversified as it is impressive.

Television Personality and Financial Maven

Buffie Purselle captured the hearts of viewers on Bravo's "Married to Medicine" in Season 7. Her entrance into reality television was marked not just by her vibrant personality but also by the unique flavor of financial wisdom she brought to the screen. She masterfully combined entertainment with education, most notably when she hosted a party with a twist — challenging guests to dress fabulously under a strict budget, showcasing that style need not be compromised by frugality.

Within the tapestry of 'new money' often flaunted in reality television, Buffie provided a memorable counterpoint, coining the phrase "Wealth Whispers, Money jingles, jangles and screams," a clever quip that resonated with viewers and highlighted her philosophy. It was a poignant reminder that true wealth is often understated, and that financial savvy doesn't have to be ostentatious.

Beyond the allure of reality television, Buffie's knowledge has illuminated the screens of HLN, CNN, and CNBC, affirming her stature as a preeminent authority in tax and personal finance. Her expertise is not confined to television alone; she has provided astute financial commentary for prestigious publications such as USA Today, Fast Company, Yahoo Finance, and CNBC, making her commentary sought after by a diverse audience seeking financial enlightenment.

With every appearance and interview, Buffie's blend of professional wisdom and engaging personality resonates, offering clear and actionable insights into the often-complex financial landscape.

"Buffie's knowledge has illuminated the screens of HLN, CNN, and CNBC, affirming her stature as a preeminent authority in tax and personal finance."

Author and Educator

Through her compelling book and e-course, "Crawl Before You Ball," Buffie has dedicated her retired life to imparting the knowledge she has gained, inspiring a proactive approach to wealth management and fiscal responsibility.

Financial Maven and Lifestyle Innovator

Buffie is a beacon of innovation, having redefined the financial conversation and seamlessly transitioned into the world of health and fashion. After her own remarkable health journey, which saw her lose 80 pounds through a strategic combination of GLP-1 medication, CBT, TMS, and disciplined kettlebell workouts, Buffie founded MrsMD Weight Loss®. This venture brings a holistic view to medical weight loss, introducing what is affectionately dubbed "the Buffie Protocol" to those navigating the complexities of weight management.

Chic and Accessible Fashion

Not only has Buffie reimagined financial literacy and wellness, but she also owns and operates MrsMD Eyewear®, a chic line of eyewear. Known for her impeccable taste, Buffie exclusively wears and personally curates a selection of stylish spectacles and sunglasses, making high fashion accessible at 'Crawl Before You Ball' approved prices.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Buffie’s dynamic career is navigated by Crowd Management, ensuring her brand continues to resonate and expand. Her insights are further shared through her role on the advisory board for Partners in Kind Production, a collaboration initiated by food heiress Gillian Hormel and Shelly Tygielski, harnessing the power of media to spark kindness and compassion worldwide.

The Buffie Glow - A Skincare Revolution

Responding to the fervent requests of her over 800K social media followers, Buffie is poised to unveil MrsMD Skincare® in January of 2024. This eagerly anticipated line promises the coveted 'Buffie Glow,' featuring CBD oil-infused products that embody her holistic and health-focused ethos.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Reflecting her Southern roots and family values, Buffie is a philanthropist at heart. She supports the ethos of giving back through her involvement with Iyai+, shaping the futures of young leaders in infrastructure. Her business initiatives reflect her dedication to uplifting her community, mirroring the legacy her grandmother and mother set before her.

Personal Life

At the heart of Buffie Purselle’s vibrant life is her cherished personal sphere. She shares a joyous marriage with the love of her life, Dr. David Purselle, a partnership that shines with mutual respect and shared ambitions. Together, they navigate life's journey accompanied by the pitter-patter and playful antics of their two adored furbabies: Louie, a spirited toy poodle, and Prada, a friendly labradoodle.

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