Thickgurls Unite!

Thickgurls Unite!


I needed to get some new images for my new JbB Blog site so I hired a stylist referred to me by a friend.  The stylist never came to see me to get my measurements.  She asked me to send her my sizes.  I did and I also sent her a link to my IG page so she could actually see my body type.  This was odd to me because I have hired stylists before and all of them scheduled a consultation to get measurements.

The shoot was scheduled at a time when the city of Atlanta was freaking out over a possible snowpocolyse 2.0 so the city was preparing to shut down.  I called my makeup artist, hair stylist, and clothing stylist to reschedule the shoot because my favorite photographer was flying in from Miami for the shoot and I didn’t want him to get to stuck at the airport in Atlanta. The only person to protest about the reschedule was the stylist.  She told me that it was really difficult to find designer clothes in my size.  I was immediately annoyed and offended.

First, don’t complain to me about performing a duty that I fully retained you to do. Second, don’t shade me out about being plus size because it’s hard to find designer looks in my size.  Third, how unprofessional to stress out your client and then try to educate her on designer fashion and the faux lack of availability of designer items in her size. Chile, I am getting heated again.  Switching tenses and run on sentences left and right!  My apologies. Ok back to the story…  I hired a stylist because I am a busy entrepreneur and I don’t have time to shop – not because I am fashion clueless.  I have NEVER had a problem finding things in my size (which happens to be 12-14) anywhere in the world and yes I said in the world because I have traveled and lived in other countries other than the US (unlike this stylist I suspect).

So, I told her that she was offensive, and emailed her that she should probably not use that verbiage in the future with other clients.  I suspect that she was just worried that I wouldn’t pay her for her services which of course I did (even though she never actually performed the service). Honey, we won’t even get into the whole payment drama.

So, like I always say things happen for a reason. I later called Shun Melson for a consultation.  To my delight, she was pleasant, professional, timely, and ran her business like a #boss.  She came to my office (because I was swamped and busy with tax season) to meet me and take my measurements. She asked me about the shoot and my style and it was just so easy, breezy, fab that I could go on forever.

We set up a pinterest board for my shoot and my photographer, hairstylist, makeup artist, and Shun all pinned looks for the shoot.  The day of the shoot was so fun and I ended up buying everything! I have since hired Shun for events in town, and for new looks for my hubby. She will also be coming to organize my closet and revamp ALL of my looks and get me ready for my amazing trip in September to the South of France. Never once did she say that she had trouble finding looks in my size. Shun and her assistant actually had two car loads of clothes from which I could choose. Best of all, she became a new client of mine! See everything happens for a reason!

Thickgurls unite! Folks are buying asses, thighs, boobs, and everything in between to look like us every damn day!  Be proud of your curves, chicas!  Embrace the thickliciousness with which we have been blessed!  I was so happy to see Tess Holiday land a major modeling contract! She is now the first Plus Size Super Model (size 22 of amazing curves, boo!)  The funny thing is that a lot of people assume that because you are thick you are unhealthy.  I actually don’t have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or any of the issues that typically face overweight people. Yes, I AM overweight but I am no more unhealthy than a skinny vegetarian chick who eats cake, chips, and ice cream all day.

I recently saw an episode of Shahs Of Sunset (one of my guilty pleasures) and Asa actually said how much she weighed on national tv!  I was so happy and proud of her for standing in her own fabulous, thicklicious truth. That girl has body for days and I am happy that she knows it!   In the spirit of Asa, I too, will say how much I weigh which happens to be 178 pounds.  Of course, a chick wants to shed a few pounds because I am a shorty but when I get dressed each day I can honestly say that I like the way that my clothes look on me and so does Dr. Purselle!




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