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"Stop living from DIRECT DEPOSIT to PAYDAY LOAN to TITLE PAWN to LOAN from your mom to DIRECT DEPOSIT."

So, #whathadhappenedwas...

Over the past twenty years, I noticed a pattern with clients complaining each year that they didn't understand why they were struggling financially. 

Folks with income ranging from $10,000 to $400,000 a year shared the same story of living from paycheck to paycheck.

I call them the secret poor...

Buffie is a nationally recognized personal financial expert.

What Our Students Are Saying

Going through the course I feel this is a safe environment and it will give me lots of information. I am excited about changing my thoughts and relationship with money!

Nancy Williams

I appreciate the crawling phase before easing into something major. It prepares your mind and a new way of thinking to get you where you need to be. The step process is crucial and will definitely make you think.

Deborah DuBose

Loved my experience with the Crawl Before You Ball course. Buffie created an inviting platform for us to share our history/relationship with money. We were encouraged to say "NO" without an explanation. The discussion was very intense but cathartic.
Buffie, Thank you for your time and commitment to the community!

Valerie Moore

Crawl Before You Ball

Author Buffie Purselle

Buffie believes that readers must first tackle their financial, mental health before embarking on the journey to financial freedom. The disconnect with budgeting rarely stems from a lack of mathematical ability. Instead, the book deals with the "why" we make the daily financial decisions that wreak havoc on many areas of our life.  If your parents didn't have a good relationship with money and struggled with daily economic anxiety, likely, you will also.  This behavior is learned.  Readers will learn how to break those generational financial curses and how to make their money work for them.   

All PreOrder Books will be personally signed by Buffie Purselle 


Crawl Before You Ball

A course that consists of small lessons with interactive videos and fun assignments to help you retain the information. 

You will learn to change your relationship with money - for good.  Your money should work for you - you should NOT be working for your money. 
You will learn my personal finance mantra “earn, save, repeat, and ball occasionally!” I will help you address your need for instant gratification and conquer that demon!
I will teach you the REAL difference between needs and wants and how to categorize them in your monthly financial budget.
I will share my favorite types of bank accounts, budgeting tools, and beginner investment vehicles with you.

And most importantly, I will guide you to the path of discovering
and accepting your new personal financial normal.

"We are in the business of breaking generational financial curses one course at a time."

It was Wow! Truly an eye opener to recognize how important it is to invest in yourself. What does that really mean? Take the #crawlbeforeyouball course to find out. You will not be disappointed!

Juanita Flood

Whew. I didn’t realize how many people I felt responsible for. I’m
A single male but I have just taken on this toxic masculinity in my mind that I have to provide for everyone and always pretend like I got it

Ronnie Bethea

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This course is designed for EVERYONE


fun & interactive homework

Wayment what - homework? Our homework assignments provide you with real-life practice to ensure that the #cb4ub way of life becomes your new "personal financial normal".


no fancy financial jargon

I am known for keeping it real and that is exactly what I do with this course. It is delivered in a very non-intimidating manner. My constant use of slang may throw some people a bit, lol.


we are ALL crawlin' with you

Real-time community support discussion board provided with each lesson if you have questions or just need a little encouragement. Trust me, we are ALL crawlin' with you and want you to succeed! 

**** Buffie is a Nationally recognized personal financial expert. ****


Can I skip around to other lessons while taking the course?

Nope! You need to take each lesson in order to take full advantage of the program that I have been teaching students for over 15 years.

If I have technical issues who should I contact?

Thinkific is the course host, so if you have issues click the HELP button at the bottom of the screen. If you need help from my team, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Do I need a lot of other materials to take this course?

Nope! I will provide you with course materials. If you want to take notes do as you normally do with pen and paper or take notes on your computer. This course was designed to make this material easy to digest and implement into your life!

Founder and Head Instructor

Buffie Purselle

Like the latest “it” bag, Buffie Purselle makes personal finance, tax compliance, and small business management fashionable. Buffie Purselle is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of expertise in the financial field. As the founder of Buffie, LLC, her success derives from her professional and innate ability to demystify the daunting world of taxes, personal finance, and small business management with skilled, practical, and sometimes sassy guidance with her clients. She is passionate about helping women channel their inner fruGAL with her financial management firm, Crawl Before You Ball. Buffie is a true southern belle and is most commonly recognized as a third-generation tax practitioner from a family of tax pros. Buffie joined the ladies of Bravo's "Married to Medicine" in their 7th season. She is also recognized as a highly sought-after national tax and personal finance expert seen on HLN, CNN, and CNBC. 

Her philanthropic endeavors include being Vice-Chair of IYAI+ (Introducing Youth to Careers in American Infrastructure). IYAI+ is a nonprofit founded by Dr. Beverly Scott. Eight years ago, Buffie became severely ill. In the blink of an eye, Buffie's bubbly personality that her friends knew and loved seemed to disappear. She was overcome with chronic fatigue, joint pain, skin rashes, mouth sores, and hair loss. After a year of testing, she was diagnosed with lupus. Buffie is a National Ambassador for The Lupus Foundation of America. She supports initiatives to raise awareness and funds for lupus research. Buffie is happily married to the love of her life, Dr. David. Purselle. They have two fur babies, Louie, a four-year-old toy poodle, and Prada, a two-year-old Labradoodle. She lives by the motto, "If you look for the bad in people, you will surely find it," so she chooses to look for the good.

It's time to finally change your relationship with money! This is the ONLY course that you will ever need to finally break those generational financial curses. 

#cb4ub has launched and is currently enrolling...

cb4ub Course Only

Only $99.00

cb4ub Course + Credit Bundle

Only $149.00